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House Tips DIY Home Projects Here’s a great piece from our Windermere folks … Posted in Living by Sandy Dodge Image Source: Shutterstock   In recent months, homes have taken on additional roles as offices, schools, and places of entertainment as staying at home has become the norm. With the extra time spent inside and the additional wear and tear on your home, this […]
Home Buying Questions to Ask During Your Virtual Home Tour This a great post from the folks at Windermere … Posted in Buying by Sandy Dodge Image Source: Canva   Thanks to COVID-19, the new reality is that many open houses and home tours are being conducted virtually. For prospective home buyers, this new territory brings an added element to prepare for in the home buying process. Some […]
Home Buying Finding Your New Home in Four Steps Here’s a great post from the folks at Windermere. Originally Posted in Buying by Sandy Dodge Image Source: G-Stock Studio Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or you currently own and are looking for a new home, the ideas below will help you better navigate that all-important first step: Finding a property that is both appealing and affordable.   […]
House Tips Staying Safe When Selling Your Home Safety is a huge concern for clients getting ready to sell their home. Here are some great tips on that topic! Original post by Meaghan McGlynn Staying organized while uprooting your life and moving from one home to another can feel impossible. There’s also the pressure to keep your home clean and tidy for showings […]
First Time Homebuyer What to Consider When Adding to Your Home Here’s a great read from our Windermere Blog, originally posted in Architecture by Meaghan McGlynn Image Source: mimagephotography  When dissatisfaction with your current home strikes, it can be exciting to launch into a plan for a new addition. A new living room, bedroom, or more can add value to your home while improving your quality of life. On the […]
House Tips The Lifespan of Your Home…. We think our homes will last a lifetime, but what is the lifespan of your home and some of the items within?    Our very own Tara Sharp discusses this very topic in her latest blog post from the Windermere Living Blog…   Posted March 6 2014, 12:11 PM PST by Tara Sharp How long […]
House Tips More Great Information from Windermere…. Wanted to pass this along to you all…. Posted January 17 2014, 9:56 AM PST by Tara Sharp Managing Mold: How homeowners can avoid costly mold problems Posted in Selling by Tara Sharp   Whether you are buying or selling a home, mold has become a hot issue. Health concerns and potential damage make mold […]
House Tips 2014 Home Resolutions Some great information heading into the new year from Windermere…   Posted December 31 2013, 9:15 AM PST by Tara Sharp 75 home resolutions you can make for 2014 Posted in Buying by Tara Sharp     Add your home to your list of New Year’s resolutions with some of these helpful tips: Buying: Familiarize […]
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