Facebook Tips July 13, 2015

Facebook Newsfeed Changes

The power has been handed back to the user; control who you see in your Newsfeed…

Facebook has once again decided to change how we can view the Newsfeed by introducing a preferences option, allowing users to choose to see more of the posts from those who matter most.  This new option can be found in the settings on both the website and mobile versions of Facebook.  In addition to being able to star your “favorite” people, you can also decide to see less posts from others.  You can even decide to re-engage with folks you dumped in the “unfollow” abyss in years past, but may want to give a second chance to.


In real estate terms, this is a great way that we can stay engaged with our clients.  No longer will we have to worry that we may be missing out on important posts that may lead to opportunities.  But, this new setting will never replace the organizational benefits of creating those Facebook Friends Lists!  Especially if you are trying to follow your sphere in a meaningful way.