Conatact Management System May 27, 2014

Neighborhood News for Windermere Agents

One of the most exciting features of the Moxi Works automated sales flow system is the integrated drip email campaign known as Neighborhood News. 

For years, agents have asked how to get more traffic to their website using a number of methods, including email.  Most attempts have been pitiful at best in getting a decent response rate.  Though untested, the Neighborhood News piece offers a unique opportunity for agents to increase traffic flow to their sites, with very little set up work to get started.  But remember, this potentially powerful tool should not be wasted on contacts that offer little hope in ever seeing transact-able business heading your way; you KNOW who those people are!!! 

So step one is on YOU to identify and organize your contacts and separate out those folks who offer you the best opportunity for referrals or direct business.  Go to the “People” section of the Dashboard and make sure they are in the “Marketing” category of the sales flow process.  When you click on your client’s contact information, you will see an option to “Manage Subscriptions”; click it.  In the middle column of your screen (Manage Subscriptions) click the “+” on the upper right to add your client to Neighborhood News.  The next screen will prompt you to verify your contacts email address and select a market area for the report; just type in their zip code.  Now they’re set to receive the Neighborhood News email piece on a monthly basis; it’s that simple!!!

Now for the coolest part of this whole thing…  When your client receives the email, which is branded to YOU, with your photo and contact information at the top, they are prompted to “view full report” for more detailed information.  That’s where the magic happens!  The client is then whisked away to a beautiful new page of dynamic listing and market data that is built around YOUR website.  You don’t have to lift a finger to create it.  From there, your clients can not only add zip codes to see other market information around their area, but they can spend time checking out your website for additional information and content.  Have you taken some time to spruce up your website?  Something to think about…

To wrap this up, Neighborhood News is a powerful component to the Moxi Works system, but with great power, comes great responsibility!!!  It’s up to you to decided who among your data base is deserving of this great piece of information, because in the end, they are the ones that have the final power to “unsubscribe” if they so choose….

More fun to come…