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Posted February 24 2014, 8:02 AM PST by Jill Jacobi Wood, OB Jacobi & Geoff Wood

February Perspectives


Posted in Perspective by Jill Jacobi Wood, OB Jacobi & Geoff Wood

Eugene Oregon HomesBabies in need of diapers and formula. Families with critically ill children in need of housing. Kids with no shoes or school supplies. For the past 25 years, these are the types of needs the Windermere Foundation has helped fulfill, thanks to the incredible generosity of our agents. That’s because every time someone buys or sells a home using a Windermere agent, a portion of their commission goes to fund the Windermere Foundation, which to date has raised more than 26 million dollars.

This year, the Windermere Foundation proudly celebrates 25 years of giving back to those in our communities who need it most. Our mission is simple: support non-profit agencies dedicated to helping homeless and low-income families. And we keep the red tape to a minimum, using less than four percent of the money raised for administrative costs. That way, the vast majority of the funds can be used where they’re needed most. Last year alone, our agents donated more than 1.6 million dollars to support local organizations like Eastside Baby Corner, Low-Income Housing Institute, and Seattle Public Schools’ Family Support Program. Their generosity also enables us to continue to send kids to summer camp, ensure families have enough food to eat, and provide emergency assistance to those in need.

In honor of this milestone anniversary, we set a goal to raise 30 million dollars for the Windermere Foundation by the end of 2015.That’s four million dollars in two years – our most ambitious goal to date. Just imagine how many more families this will help. How many more kids will be able to eat school lunches. How many more families will have milk in the fridge and food on the table. And how many more people will have their most basic needs met – and the dignity that goes with it.

If at any point during the past 25 years you’ve bought or sold a home using a Windermere agent, you are a part of the Windermere Foundation too, and you’ve helped make a positive difference in the lives of your neighbors in need. And for that, we thank you on behalf of everyone at Windermere.

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